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Home - Leave the rat race - learn all about Costa Rica travel and explore the possibility of living in the land of Pura Vida.

Pura Vida - Find out why so many people choose the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica.

Our Journey

About us - Fed up with the high cost of living in California, follow us on our journey to retirement in Costa Rica.

The Allure - How two trips to Costa Rica changed our lives.

Building Our Home - Follow the progress as we build our retirement home in Flamingo Costa Rica.

Our First Year - Lots of challenges and surprises made our first year living in Costa Rica a memorable one.

Costa Rica

Facts - Unique Costa Rica facts that make this country so special.

Driving - Important things to know before you start driving in Costa Rica.

Weather - Current weather conditions, 7 day forecast and details on Costa Rica's diverse weather.

Beaches - Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful and uncrowded beaches in the world. Find the one perfect for you.

Fishing - Inshore fishing with a Hobie PA12 kayak in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Surfing - Current swell and wind conditions plus long rang forecast for the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Sunsets - The Pacific Ocean provides the perfect backdrop for these sunsets in Costa Rica.

Webcams - Live streaming Costa Rica webcams from the beaches of Jaco, Tamarindo, Nosara and more.  Check out surf conditions and watch stunning sunsets in paradise.

Moving Guide

Immigration - Costa Rica takes immigration seriously.  Learn about the requirements to visit or obtain legal residency.

Cost of Living - Learn why retiring to Costa Rica may not be as inexpensive as you thought.

Banking and Money - The colone is the official Costa Rica money.  Learn all about it and why the US dollar is valuable and can be used too.

Shipping a Container - So you want to keep everything and move it to Costa Rica with you.  Think again, as this may not be a good idea.

Getting Mail and Packages - Set up this system to have mail and packages delivered reliably from your home country to Costa Rica.

Owning a Car - Costa Rica cars are expensive but importing one has its own challenges.  Get the facts before you decide.

Blog - Cost Rica updates keeps you informed of all the latest information about getting to Costa Rica and living the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Resources - Important contacts for those people who are considering moving to Costa Rica.

Contact -  Send us your question about moving to, or visiting Costa Rica.

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