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Sheriff Rustic

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This small Samara restaurant is one of only a few restaurants with beautiful views of the beach.  It is located right on the edge of the sand, at the very end of the main road, adjacent to the pier and several small open air shops.

Sheriff Rustic's logo of a happy fish with a sombrero and badge.Entrance to the Sheriff Rustic

The main dining area is covered from the hot Guanacaste sun with some tables outside under the shade of the trees.  Every table has a great view of the beach and ocean.

Dining area under the trees and covered porch.Main Dining Area

Unfortunately, the review of the food is not nearly as good as the view.  The menu has the typical Costa Rica items, casado, shrimp and rice, fish, beans, salads, etc.  There is a fast food menu with selections such as a chicken sandwichs, hamburgers and fries.

The Sheriff Rustic menu with several pages of selections.Sheriff Rustic Menu

To start our lunch, Mary had a mojito that was really good.  Beer selections are limited to brands from Costa Rica such as Pilsen and Imperial.  The beer was pleasantly cold and refreshing and our beach walk.

I had the rice and shrimp which was predominantly rice as the name implies.  It included fries, that were very good, a small salad that was mostly slaw, with hardly any lettuce, and then the main entree.  The rice was way over saturated with butter but the shrimp was tender but not overly tasty.

Small salad, crispy french fries with rice that was overly saturated with butter and small shrimp.Rice and Shrimp

Our friend had the shrimp and rice which was heavier on the shrimp and included sauteed vegetables, white rice, beans and the main entree.  Again, the shrimp was doused with heavy butter that made the vegetables and shrimp somewhat mushy.  It was supposed to have included fried plantains.  When we asked for it, they were delivered to the table but the waiter was not overly happy about it.

Small salad, beans, rice, shrimp and sauteed vegetables.Shrimp and Rice

My wife had the chicken sandwich that consisted of a thin piece of dry breaded chicken on a basic bun that was not photo worthy.  The chicken was dry and overcooked.   A friend had the hamburger that was a pre-processed thin, overcooked patty, with a little lettuce and tomato that was not good at all.

Except for the beer, mojito, fries, cold beer and view, everything else was a disappointment.  I would rate the Sheriff Rustic as a 5 out of 10.  It is a great place to relax, take in the view and sip on a delicious drink.  But for the food, I will pass next time or maybe just order the fries.

How to Get to Sheriff Rustic

While you can get there via Nosara to the north, on a dirt road that varies in condition depending on the time of the year but most people take route 150 from Nicoya.  Route 150 is a nice paved, 2 lane road, in great condition.  Once is drops down into Samara from the surrounding hills, continue straight into the main part of town until you are forced to turn left or right.  You will see the pier straight ahead and the large multi-colored Samara sign.  Park on the street and the restaurant will be a short walk away.

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