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Costa Rica Books

There are lots of books about visiting and moving to Costa Rica.  I have selected the best in terms of telling the real story about what it is like to pick up everything and move to the land of Pura Vida, Costa Rica Central America.  For those taking a vacation to Costa Rica, you will also find these books helpful in understanding what makes this country so special.


Happier Than a Billionaire

Happier than A Billionaire - A story about two people who quit their fast paced job and moved to Costa Rica for an easier, laid back lifestyle.

Happier Than a Billionaire the Sequel

Happier Than a Billionaire - The Sequel - The journey of moving to Costa Rica continues and all of the surprises that come with moving to a foreign country.

An Acre in Paradise

An Acre in Paradise - Learn what it is like to start a business, rent and then build a house in Costa Rica, all on a budget.

Costa Rica Escape Manual

Costa Rica Escape Manual 2023 - Valuable tips and tools about moving or going on an extended vacation to Costa Rica and being successful.

Happier Than a Billionaire Picking a Town

Happier Than a Billionaire - Picking a Town - Step by Step guide on finding the town best for you and establishing a budget in Costa Rica.

Visiting on Vacation

Fodor's Essential Costa Rica - Complete information about things to do and see in Costa Rica along with cultural information, detailed maps, recommended itineraries and useful tools for making your trip memorable.

Costa Rica Travel Guide 2024 - The latest in tips for exploring the land of Pura Vida with information about navigation, special spots and cost savings strategies.


National Geographic Adventure Map - Complete guide for adventure travelers with information about national parks, nature preserves, towns, roads and protected areas.

Waterproof Travel Map of Costa Rica - Waterproof and durable road and travel map with high level details for Arenal, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and more.