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Our Journey and Retirement in Costa Rica

Trip to Costa Rica

A small stream meanders through lush green vegetation in Costa Rica.

We took two trips to Costa Rica and explored the country.  We did the first trip the wrong way but made up for it during the second trip applying what we learned.  Read more.

Building our Home

The great room of our Costa Rica home and opening to the pool area.

It is hard enough building a home in the United States so why would we try to do it in Costa Rica ?  There were lots of challenges with language being a big one.  But we got it done and are so happy with the results.  Read more.

First Year of Living in Costa Rica

Colorful and huge hibiscus flowers.

Our first year was when we really started to see the beauty of the country.  Plants grew and flowers bloomed literally while you watch them.  Fresh fruit and fish were everywhere and inexpensive.  We also discovered some things to watch out for.  Read more.

Second Year

A large Olive Ridley turtle on the beach in Ostional Costa Rica.

Our second year was a total surprise and a bust.  Our house was completed and we were just starting to get out and explore, then Covid hit.  We later learned that we were in the best country in the world during the pandemic but there were still a lot of downsides and feelings of isolation.  Read more.