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Guide to Visiting and Relocating to Costa Rica

Pura Vida

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Pura Vida, Costa Rica's phrase for the pure life.  Time passes by slowly here and everything seems like it happens "manana" (spanish for tomorrow). Learn more about the pure life and why is it so alluring to visitors and cherished by those who live here.  Read more.

Our Journey

Shady trail in the middle of a Costa Rica rain forest.

After living in sunny San Diego our entire lives, we sold our house and made the  big move on April 11, 2019 to Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste in the Pacific northwest region of Costa Rica along with our two dogs Sasha and Bruno.  We cleansed our lives by selling our house, cars, boat and most of our furniture and belongings.  The amount or research and preparation was immense but we got it done to schedule.  Join us, on this life changing journey, as we share our experiences, adventures and the challenges of moving to another country.  Learn more.

Visitor's Guide

Pool area at the Palms in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica.

From gorgeous beaches, world class surfing and fishing, beautiful sunsets, money, driving, delicious restaurants, weather and adventures, it is all so different yet so wonderful.  If you plan on visiting you will want to read this section before making your reservations and jumping on a plane.  Costa Rica is a special place to many but it is not for everyone.   Learn more.

Moving - A Guide to Relocating to Costa Rica

The beautiful white sand beach of Playa Flamingo Costa Rica.

I never thought we would leave the golden state of California for the gold coast of Costa Rica.  This place is special.  However, moving out of country will be challenging.  There is so much to research to see if it is really going to work.  Can we really make this happen or is it just a dream about relocating to Costa Rica?  Find out what it takes to move here and be successful.  Learn more.


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Costa Rica has the perfect climate for everyone.  Bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, with tall mountain ranges in between over a relatively short distance, creates an endless number of unique micro-climates that vary from hot and dry to cool and wet with every combination in between.  However, with any country, there are better months to visit than others.  Check out our weather page for a month by month summary of weather averages plus real time weather conditions.


Map of Costa Rica with reviews of restaurants, day trips, things to do, beaches, airports and more.

Use our interactive map to find fun things to do, the best places to eat, that perfect beach and more.  Each icon has a link to our detailed review.  Learn more.



No country is perfect and crime exists everywhere.  Costa Rica is located in Central America with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south.  Other close by neighbors include Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico further to the north.  The stigma of Central America is generally one of unrest, crime, poverty and in some cases dictatorship.  Learn how Costa Rica is the exception.  The results may surprise you.  Read more.

Webcams - Watch Live

Sun sets over the ocean in Brasilito Costa Rica.

Watch Costa Rica live from one of these high quality webcams.  Included are live streaming video feeds of gorgeous beaches, the central valley and from the top of volcanoes, looking into the crater.  This is a great way to check out local surf and weather conditions throughout the year.  View our webcams.

About Us

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We are native San Diegans that love to travel to warm weather destinations like the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and Central America but something happened along the way and during one special trip.  We decided on relocating to Costa Rica.  It was a huge step and came with a significant lifestyle change.  We were immediately immersed into a new culture and different language set in a very unique area of the world like no other that we have ever lived.  Why would we leave what many people call America's finest city, with the world's best weather, and head off to Costa Rica ?  Learn more About Us.