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Moving to Costa Rica - Things to Research

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After exploring the country during several visits, and doing some initial research, we made the decision to seriously consider moving to Costa Rica and retiring early.  Can we really make it happen ?  Is it really affordable ?  Can we meet all of the requirements ?  How will the rest of our family and friends react?

Sun sets next to sailboat in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica.

The easy answer would be to remain in San Diego.  However, our initial findings show that moving to Costa Rica will let us retire 5 years earlier than if we stayed in California.  Five years when you are in your 60s and in good health is a long time

We returned home ready to research everything from buying, building or renting a house, access to good healthcare, weather, different micro-climates, cost of food, cost of insurance, outdoor activities, residency, the culture and lifestyle and much more.  Below are the results.

Moving Checklist

If you are considering moving to Costa Rica, it is very important that you consider each of the following topics to ensure your lifestyle change is a good one.

  • Can you live apart from your family ?
  • Can you legally become a resident or will you just be a perpetual tourist and do border runs very 90 days to keep your immigration status and drivers license valid ?
  • Do you have a criminal background that may prevent you from becoming a legal resident ?
  • Can you afford to live here ?
  • Are you healthy ?  Do you have pre-existing conditions ?  Do you need to live close to a medical facility ?
  • Do you have a drinking problem ?
  • Are you bringing pets ?
  • What are you bringing with you ?
  • Do you need to own a car ?
  • How will you get important documents and mail delivered ?
  • What type of weather do you like ?
  • Will you buy or rent ?  If you buy will you build a home or buy an existing one ?
  • Where will you live ?

You Are Thinking About Moving Where ?

Yep, be prepared.  Family and friends will most likely be in shock and for us the responses were:

  • What about us ?
  • Cool, what airport do I fly into ?
  • I have never been to that island.
  • What happens if something happens to you ?
  • And my favorite, are you going to be on House Hunters International ?

The response was all over the place.  Some were happy, some upset, some didn't know what to think.  Several of our close friends had already left California and more were planning to get out within the next few years.  Many of these were San Diego natives so that shows you how disappointed and frustrated everybody was with what California has become.  Growing up in San Diego, and through a good portion of our lives, it was the best place in the world to live.  Great weather, no traffic, lots of nice beaches, close to the mountains and desert, and great people.  Except for the weather and being close to the mountains and desert, it all changed for the worse.

Many who embark, or try to embark, on an adventure like this will be pressured to not leave.  Others will get here and be pressured to go back, and many will do so. The majority of people who move here, leave within a few years, and family is one of the major contributing factors.

For us, the trip back is pretty easy, only 5 hours or so by air from Liberia to LAX and then the drive to San Diego which is not as easy.  Four hours to go 125 miles to northern San Diego county during a recent visit, and this was in the carpool lane!  This was a great reminder on why we left.

We plan to travel back to San Diego several times a year to see family and to visit friends that have relocated to other states and countries.

We chose quality of time with family and friends versus quantity.  For us spending a dedicated week or two with someone is much more meaningful than a bunch of short, often times, hurried visits.

If you are serious about moving to Costa Rica, one of the first things that you need to do, is to address this issue up front and make a decision before proceeding with any research.   The amount of work in getting ready and physically moving to a foreign country is a daunting and huge undertaking, not to mention, exhausting.  Better to save the time and effort by figuring this portion out first.

Obtaining Residency

Costa Rica National flag with blue, red and white stripes.
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

After getting past the family shock that you are considering moving to Costa Rica, the next step is to determine what the legal requirements are for moving and staying in the country long term.

There are not only strict requirements for visitors but also for obtaining residency and becoming a citizen, if you choose to do so.  If you cannot meet these requirements, you might as well stop now and look somewhere else.  If you do it the wrong way or ignore the law, you could be banned from Costa Rica for a period of time or possibly forever.  Learn more.

Moving to Costa Rica and the Cost of Living

Costa Rica cost of living showing a calculator and money with hospital beds in the background.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Ok, so you are good with leaving your family and you meet the immigration requirements.  Now is when you figure out if you can afford this country.  The answers may surprise you. 

Costa Rica is the most expensive Central American country to live in.  Import fees, taxes and location within Costa Rica are all major factors.  However, it is still relatively cheap when compared to many cities in the United States, Canada and Europe.  However, depending on where you are coming from, it may be more expensive, so do your homework.  Find out why Costa Rica may break your budget.  Learn more.


Costa Rica Healthcare 900x400
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Costa Rica healthcare system is touted as one of the best in the world.  A nationalized health care system provides access for all Costa Ricans and temporary/permanent residents.  There are also private facilities and insurance available.  However, not all healthcare will be right next to where you live.  Dial 911 and you may be waiting a long time.  Learn more.

Real Estate

Aerial view of a typical Costa Rica gated community

If you are serious about moving and investing into real estate in Costa Rica, buyer beware of lots of things that could go wrong.  I am not saying don't do it, but please read this first.

Bringing Your Pets

Our dog Bruno.  Sleeping before his journey to Costa Rica

For most people, pets are an important part of your family and they go with you everywhere.  Moving full time to an international destination and taking your pets is a big undertaking, and for us, was one of the most stressful parts of the entire process.

There is a very short timeline to get all certifications and endorsements completed before they expire.  Certain breeds cannot travel via air and restrictions varying from one airline to another.  Can your pet make the journey with you ?  What do you do if they can't come along ?  Learn more.

Shipping Your Belongings

A container ship leaves port
Photo by Martin Cox on Unsplash

You have made the big decision and are moving to Costa Rica.  You want to bring everything that you own such as cars, boats, furniture, tools, kitchen gadgets, clothes, basically all that you have accumulated throughout the years.  After all, you have invested lots of time and money furnishing your house just the way you like it and can't part with anything.  If you live far away from a major port, such as in Colorado, the cost just to get the shipment to the nearest port may surprise you.  How long will it take and will my prized possessions really be safe ?  Learn more.

Getting Mail and Packages

An old and beautiful Costa Rica airmail stamp
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Having mail delivered to a foreign country is a big deal.  Things like credit cards, ATM cards and important documents need to be delivered securely and reliably.  After moving, your home address probably is no longer valid so you will need to figure out how to coordinate the transfer to a foreign country.

Costa Rica has a postal service, but is it reliable and secure?  Can I really get these items sent from another country and have them really show up in Costa Rica ?  We figured all of this out and found an easy and reliable way to get only the mail that you want.  Learn more.

Money and Banking

Shown are some examples of the Multi-colored money of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the most beautiful money that I have ever seen plus you can still use the US dollar.  However, banking here is a completely different experience.  Learn what to expect.  Learn more.

Owning a Car

Toyota four wheel drive SUV on a dirt road in the jungle
Photo by Brice Cooper on Unsplash

Having a car in Costa Rica is really expensive.  Some people opt for using the public transportation system instead.  It is both reliable and inexpensive but to us rain forest.

Scooters, motor cycles and quads are less expensive options but have limitations, especially during bad weather.

If you choose to own a car, you have the option of importing yours or buying one new or used.  But beware, make the wrong decision and it could be a very expensive learning exercise.  Learn more.

Getting a Drivers License

The process on how to get a Costa Rica drivers license is far from obvious to the person that has moved here from another country and started a new life in Costa Rica.  There are lots of strict requirements and preparation to complete before you can even try.  Recently, my wife received hers and we have documented the twisted trail to her success.  Learn more.

Moving Resources

A list of great resources for those considering a move to Costa Rica
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here are some great resources for the person that is considering moving, or has already moved to Costa Rica.  Many of which I have personally used.  Read more.