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What should I bring


Just getting into this,BUT,just for giggles - can you (or Others) recommend a good shipping outfit for a move to CR, and what If anything, you would say we should bring (boat,gear,clothes, tools-NO FURNITURE).

We live in Arkansas now, but I'm getting pretty tired of the general crap that is happening in this country.(NO I am not a political nut, I'm just getting tired of the every body is your enemy way of thinking. It doesn't have to be that way)

Should I set up a LLC or an offshore corp before we move or could it wait (or do I even need one?)

We are older-77 and 78- and just me and the wife. Possibly a dog.


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Dec 27, 2021
by: Chuck

Maybe you have been going to the wrong shops. Word of mouth was the best method for us to find quality furniture and it wasn't obvious where without the references to local woodcrafters that someone recommended. Most furniture is custom made from Guanacaste wood, laurel wood, teak or maple. The quality has been exceptional and the local wood is resistant to pests. Some of the mass produced store furniture is of very low quality and probably imported from China.

Sep 14, 2021
Bringing Furniture With
by: James

Why are people recommending to not bring furniture? The furniture I have seen in Costa Rica is not the greatest quality and the selection is very limited. Or have I just been going to the wrong shops?

Feb 27, 2021
Outdoor furniture
by: Stan

Bring any outdoor furniture that isn't wood with the exception of teak. Powder coated aluminum tables and chairs for example. These are really expensive to buy in Costa Rica and sometimes hard to find good quality.

Feb 26, 2021
Moving considerations
by: Charles

If you haven't visited here before, I would recommend several visits before committing to the move and then maybe rent versus buy for several months to find the area that is perfect for you. Over 50% go back home in the first few years due to the different lifestyle and language. But if you adjust, it is a wonderful place unlike anywhere else in the world.

Not sure about bringing a boat. There are not many places to get it in and out of the water easily. Having one at a marina is very expensive. Depends on the size. Definitely bring kitchen things, knives, pans, insta-pot, blenders, linens, sheets, etc. Bring the tools that you think you will need. You are correct to leave the furniture and buy here.

Leave your money in the US. You can access it or do wire transfers easy. With a Charles Schwab account ATM withdrawals are free.

Several years ago it was advantageous to set up a LLC for your home and car in Costa Rica. Not so much now and just an added yearly expense so I would not recommend doing this

As far as shipping companies, a have a few friends that had very good success with

Lots of people have been moving down here for various reasons.

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