Our Journey to Costa Rica

After living in sunny San Diego our entire lives, we sold our house and made the  big move on April 11, 2019 to Flamingo, Guanacaste Costa Rica along with our two dogs Sasha and Bruno.  Join us, on this life changing journey, as we share our experiences, adventures and the challenges of moving to another country.

About Us

We are native San Diegans that love to travel to warm weather destinations like the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and Central America.  Why would we leave what many people call America's finest city , with the world's best weather, and head off to Central America ?

Pura Vida

Costa Rica's phrase for the pure life.  Time passes by slowly here and everything seems like it happens "manana" (spanish for tomorrow).  What is the pure life and why is it so alluring to visitors and cherished by those who live here ?

The Allure

These two trips shaped the future of our lives and started to draw us in to the allure of Costa Rica.  But it wasn't without a bunch of mistakes.  Learn how we made the decision to move.


I never though we would leave the golden state of California for the gold coast of Costa Rica.  This place is special.  However, moving out of country will be challenging.  There is so much to research to see if it is really going to work.  Can we really make this happen or is it just a dream ?

Building our Home

We found an amazing Costa Rica based builder, originally from the United States, and a plot of land in the perfect community.  Follow us through the land purchase and build process.

Our First Year

Our first year of living in Costa Rica was full of challenges and surprises.  At times, the weather was crazy and there were a lot more bugs than we expected.  However, the good outweighed the bad.


Some of the best fishing in the world is here, both offshore and inshore.  Follow me in my Hobie kayak as I learn how to catch dozens of different species.


Check out current surf and weather conditions from these live Costa Rica webcams.


The Pacific coast of Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world.  Read this overview of the top locations.


Costa Rica has the most beautiful money that I have ever seen.  Can you also use the US dollar in Costa Rica ?


The topography of Costa Rica varies so much that you will most likely be able to find the perfect place to live or visit.  However, the weather here can be extreme and catch you off guard if you are not prepared.

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